Yocan Stix Vaporizer Review

Yocan Stix Vaporizer Review

Yocan Stix Vaporizer Review

The STIX is Yocan’s newest vaporizer that’s designed for use with oil concentrates and e-liquids. One of its strongest features is its leak-proof design which will allow users to carry it around without worry or difficulty. I’ve used several vaporizers for oil and e-liquids in the past and having a leak-proof chamber not only means you’ll get to save yourself from the messy aftermaths of putting your oil vaporizer in your pocket half-full, but it also means that the material will not leak into the battery of the vaporizer.

This is a useful feature especially when you like to vape on-the-go. Leak-proof vaporizers like the Yocan STIX come handy in conditions where you find yourself in what I call a “stash-vape-stash” situation. It’s when you have to keep your vaporizer in your pocket, draw out a few puffs, and put your vaporizer back in your pocket again. Pretty much when you vape in public, where stealth and keeping a low profile is key. Walking around town and sneaking in a few hits while on your feet. The Yocan STIX works like magic.

A leak-proof build isn’t the only thing the STIX is offering to oil and e-liquid consumers, if you’re into concentrated cannabis consumption and are looking for an affordable vaporizer unit then you’re in the right place.


Independent Storage

The Yocan Stix features a specially designed liquid container that completely detaches from the vaporizer itself. The liquid chamber is not exactly married into the atomizers body, instead, it can be easily removed and replaced with a base connector through threaded connections making cleaning and reloading easier. The chamber is also clear which allows you to see how much material you’ve got left making reloading less of a guesswork.

The independent oil chamber also acts as a mouthpiece, this design gives off an almost compact and restricted draw which I believe helps increase the flavor notes of the materials. I’m not a fan of tight draws but I loved how Yocan turned it into an advantage. It elevated the flavor profile of the oil concentrate which gave off lip-smacking vapors, something I wasn’t really expecting to be honest. This style is best suited for MTL (mouth-to-lung) draws. It helps retain the flavor of the vapors despite having this wisps of clouds. I wouldn’t exactly mind having less visible vapor, fat clouds don’t exactly get you nods of approval when you’re vaping in public. Flavor over vapor is STIX’s game, and clearly, it’s a win.


Ceramic Coils

The STIX features ceramic coils which also helps elevate the flavor notes in the vapor. Ceramic, in atomizer technology, is a material that takes the longest to absorb heat. This makes a low and slow heating environment for the oils and e-liquids that aids in helping the vapors retain and achieve excellent taste. Ceramic also is more permeable in nature, allowing it to absorb concentrated materials as it heats up. Its porous surface allows it to hold some of the oils resulting in a fuller flavor which makes it the ideal component for the STIX atomizer.

Yocan Stix Coil

I would recommend letting the oil concentrate sit in the atomizer for a few seconds before you begin to draw. Priming your atomizer helps you achieve better results. By following this simple technique you can also prevent your atomizers from burning, and believe me, you don’t want that taste mixing with the vapor. It’s good to know that priming your atomizer keeps you away from inhaling irritants caused by burnt components mixed with your material which you will inhale as the material is vaporized.


Variable Voltage Battery

Yocan Stix Battery

The Yocan STIX is equipped with a variable voltage battery that can easily be adjusted through its one-button control. When vaping oil concentrates and e-liquids, having variable voltage can be handy. Oils and e-liquids, have different consistencies and having the right temperature at your disposal lets you get the best out of your materials.

Finding the right temperature setting is like getting the right key to unlock the full potential of oil concentrates and e-juices. Especially when you’re using cannabis-based liquids and concentrates, there are certain temperature levels that help facilitate the distribution of THC and CBD in the vapor. The variable voltage settings also let you adjust the density of your clouds depending on your taste. The level of heat can easily be identified through a color-coded pattern, red for low, green for medium, and blue for high.

The Yocan STIX battery also features a micro-USB charging port which lets you charge it anywhere with the use of its inclusive micro-USB charging cable.


Rising up Against the Competition

The first quarter of 2018 has seen the rise of pod-based vaporizers. To answer this growing demand, the Yocan STIX was designed and engineered to work the same way as pod-based devices, if not better.

The key component and design bring us back to the independent storage and leak-proof container that works as an integrated mouthpiece. I can see you take several cartridges and fill them up with different e-liquids or oil concentrates and just remove and them replace them as you go. What beats most pod-based devices is the STIX’s variable temperature battery. The STIX to me is like if the pod-based vaporizer and the pen style vaporizer had a baby, then STIX would be it. It’s the perfect fusion of the convenience of pod vaporizers and the functionality of pen style units.


Final Thoughts

The Yocan STIX will make a believer out of you. It’s a simple device which answers most of the common concerns of e-liquid and oil concentrate consumers. It eliminates unnecessary mess from slipped and leaking cartridges, it provides temperature control which allows users to customize their sessions, and a removable and replaceable independent storage cartridge for easy reloads.

What’s not to like about it? The Yocan STIX even retails cheaper than most of the oil and e-liquid pen vaporizers in the market today. Get the STIX at an affordable price!

Author: Trevor