Vaporite Platinum Plus Vaporizer Review

vaporite platinum plus

It is one of the most impressive weed vape pens for sale in the world. The Platinum Plus by Vaporite is a 3 in 1 vaporizer kit capable of vaporizing all substances known to man including; herbs, oils, waxes, concentrates and all the different viscosity material densities that are in today’s weed substances. The Vaporite Platinum Plus features the most amazing technology known to man. It is the first pen vaporizer kit that’s considered a smart vaporizer and one of many few that actually are made out of incredible high quality technology that does work for you as you will be dumbfounded once you learn and understand what this baby Is capable of doing. It is one of the most impressive vaporizers reviewed and has many options you can choose from once you think about and get a hold of this vaporizer.



This is the Lamborghini of all pen vaporizers, the Vaporite Platinum Plus is a beautiful vape pen. This is a great vaporizer that’s made out of high quality components such as stainless steel structure, interior ceramic glass vapor path to give you the glass-on-glass experience. Having this design structure feature really brings out the flavor of the vaporizer as testing metal vapor chamber / vapor paths results in a weird and dull metallic taste which isn’t very pleasant. The vaporizer is small, will fit in your pocket as the dimensions are 2.25 x 4.25 x 7.25 in. The perfect size to be able to use while on the go for a very fitting luxury to know you have something small enough that will fit in your hand as it is slim and no longer than your hand size. The outside design also showcases a glass mouthpiece which makes and fits the glass-on-glass experience.

Your lips will never burn no matter how high you set the temperature as the advanced airflow adjustment with the powerful induction heating doesn’t produce excessive heat but focuses on primarily heating the herbal, wax or concentrate material. Coming along with the designs to include are the different atomizers. The e-juice tank is made out of thick pyrex glass with inner ceramic heating and outer adjustable air-flow holes. The Wax chamber comes built with stainless steel outside following pyrex glass vents and an adjustable air-flow gauge with ceramic glass lining. The herbal chamber is solid stainless steel built with air-flow ventilation to give the low resistance pulls you want to have the hardest hitting rips to vape your herbs while getting the pure glass-on-glass experience knowing that it is lined with ceramic glass.



Teasing the Vaporite Platinum Plus has been very effective in knowing that you will get the greatest experience of a life time. We set up the Vaporite Platinum Plus App downloaded from the Vaporite Google Play Store to our Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smart phone. The variety In different settings is truly amazing.


We tried the herbal chamber, Trying the variable heating mode we used was the most effective for herbs since after every rip of herbs from a vaporizer, the density will diminish if the same temperature is set. We set the vaporizer to increase in temperature by 10 degrees after every puff. The end resulted in the same thick vapor density and in the herbal chamber laid out finely golden herbal materials which never combusted since the induction heating and the variable heat variation change of temperature being so effective, it gave us plenty of quality pulls every single time.


When using the blue-tooth technology with our waxes, we used the 25 Watts of power at low heating temperature of 365 degrees Fahrenheit as the temperature production is instantaneous upon pressing the power button for it to heat on. We set the timer to end the session in 15 minutes or after 7 pulls since we had a meeting shortly after our experience to share what we’ve tried out which was an amazingly high-quality vaporizer session. Dabbing with the Vaporite Platinum Plus vaporizer was a truly amazing thing to experience.


With the E-Juice Tank was very easy as we unscrewed the bottom stainless steel ring right below the adjustable air-flow chamber and put our liquid hash oil inside to fill up all the way. We set the App up to track the amount of puffs taken and to track the session time so we knew how long we would be using the E-juice. Setting the vaporizer to 40 watts was our desired setting. We put the adjustable air-flow to the largest width so we had the deepest rips. Extracting every bit of flavor and not tasting any nasty wicks was an amazing experience unlike any other e-juice tank. With the hundreds we’ve tested the Vaporite Platinum Plus was one of our favorite to use especially since we had so much analytical features at our fingertips.



Vaporite Platinum Plus Vaporizer had to be one of the most amazing vape pens to use. So it was a $180 unit but It was well worth the investment especially since this vaporizer uses a micro-processor to track every bit of information to relay it on to the blue-tooth app to be able to track, set, and get every bit of metric you could think of within a vaporizer. Some may say Vaporite went over board and the truth is they did, on purpose and a brilliant idea as this is one of the most amazing vaporizers ever used having this to be one of the best out of the best experiences we ever dreamed of. The Vaporite Platinum plus is truly an icon pillar in future development for high quality vaporizers for sale.

Summary Of The Vaporite Platinum Plus

Design of the Vaporite Platinum plus was fitting to know that the high quality materials with strong stainless steel made it a very durable vaporizer with quality built parts as it is made with ceramic glass-on-glass internal components with very intuitive blue-tooth technology so you can remotely control your The Platinum Plus from your phone and get every bit of info you need to have a very effective vaping session as the micro-processor technology will relay every bit of info necessary to the blue-tooth signal and vice-versa which will give you the most amazing vapor quality and performance of a life time every single time as you can use ever bit of substance you need making the Vaporite Platinum Plus vaporizer a very versatile vaporizer to own.

Author: Trevor