How To Use Dry Herb Vape Pen

Newest innovations are emerging on the market and everyone is looking into how to use dry herb vape pen since there’s so many different ways of using each one.

So you’re looking up how to use a dry herb vape pen and you need to know that every vaporizer comes with instructions yet they’re confusing and don’t actually tell you how to actually use the vape pen. Well you’ve come to the right place since I’m going to teach you how to use your vape pen.


Understanding What You’ve Bought

So you have a dry herb vape pen but are you sure it is exactly what you want? Most dry herb vape pens use open coils and are conduction vaporizers. If you reference back to any old articles, it’ll teach you exactly what I think about dry herb vape pens for beginners, and conduction vaporizers. Im not a fan for these at all, they’re simply combustion pens and the fact that they come with a glass screen doesn’t necessarily help you but can cause greater problems such as ‘lack of vapor’ . The one type of heating element you should be looking for is an andozied convection vaporizer which is used with turbulent air-flow and goes with the force of inhalation forcing hot air onto the botanical to extract it into vapor.

Using Your Dry Herb Vape Pen

Now you have your pen vaporizer kit. It came with everything said on the product listing and you want to know how it is used. Get a fine grinder and bring your herbs fully ground using your grinder ( gives you a free grinder with every order ) Take the ground herbs and fill it all the way in the herbal chamber. Once you have it filed attach either your mouthpiece or loading chamber onto the battery to have it in place to power up and begin heating. Tap the power button 5 times quickly so you can unlock your battery since most pen vaporizers have an auto-lock mechanism to prevent the vaporizer from going off. Once you’ve unlocked your pen vaporizer you press the power button to power on your vape pen so you can begin pulling for vapor.


ONLY take cigar-like straw pulls as if you are sipping out of a cup of soda . Avoid deeply inhaling for vapor like you would with a joint. This is the biggest mistake all beginners make and will reach the point of combustion defeating the vaporization process. When you gently pull on the vaporizer, the atomizer will breath air up to the botanical and extract into vapor. When you take big hits it will life the hot air up and miss the botanical so you don’t really need to waste your energy by doing this, it will also cause combustion and burn your herbs.

Remember, before you inhale for vapor, make sure you prime the vaporizer first to eliminate any type of factor oils and also prime with herb so it will produce a heating energy internally and will result to you in really good vapor.

Author: Trevor