Haze Square Vaporizer Review

square by haze technologies

The New Haze Square Vaporizer is in the making to become one of the best weed vaporizers on the market. We knew Haze Technologies was going to make a new vaporizer but we figured it would of been a kick ass weed vape pen, or a very complex desktop vaporizer with extreme smart technology instead, they made a portable weed vaporizer called the Haze Square.


The Haze Square comes with a lot of great features that the Haze Dual Portable vaporizer does not.

This premium vaporizer is made out of 100% aluminum alloy material and the canisters are made out of stainless steel with a silicone gasket which prevents any vapor from leaking out of the heating chamber. With 4 different chamber, changing up your materials is possible to do in 1 continuous session without pausing or stopping to replace a chamber since you can load different materials in all the chambers it makes for a very unique experience any time you power on the Haze Square Vaporizer.


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The Haze Square uses a powerful 2600mAH battery that can produce instant heating to the chamber and produce vapor in less than 3 seconds on the maximum temperature the Square can reach. A new Heptic Feedback system gives you the possibility of being able to set the puff counter to maximize the types of herbs you use with the session you are vaping with. With the four heating chambers, you can pre-fill the canisters with anything; herbs, waxes, thick hash oils, thin oils, concentrates or anything you can vape with for that matter. This high performance vaporizer gives you the option to set a specific heating temperature from the 3 different levels it is capable of reaching; 365F, 380F, 390F degrees Fahrenheit. The Lightning Feedback gives the Haze instantaneous response to any settings, puffs, heat or the type of materials used.


Haze Square is small enough to fit in your pocket, purse and be hidden within the palm of your hand, it is only 3 inches tall. The 100% aluminum alloy makes it for a lightweight vaporizer giving it the portability to fit comfortably in your pocket, without any type of discomfort. The Advanced Square design makes it easy for consumers to travel and very easy to use it anywhere on the go. The Heptick vibration will turn on when you’re setting the temperature. It will vibrate one time once you have your temperature set as well as the LED light will indicate your temperature level. The vibration will go off two times seamlessly once the vaporizers heating temperature is at optimal performance. This unit has the power and heating velocity to be able to reach maximum temperature within 3 seconds.

The new Haze Square Vaporizer for sale will cost around $169,  The vaporizer is not yet released to the public and has been sent out to a limited amount of beta testers and reviewers. The Haze vaporizer is going to be the most popular, even bigger than the original Haze Dual vaporizer just from the amount of time, energy and marketing Haze Technologies has put into this venture. The Haze Square is surely going to be the go too vaporizer for any enthusiast to be able to enjoy the best possible vaporization from a powerful convection heating portable, compact vaporizer with 4 heating chambers and 3 temperature settings including the micro-processor that stores the heptic feedback and lightning feedback to ensure precise energy flow with the heating which conserves the battery and gives you the best performance and user-friendly experience.


Haze Square Vaporizer is the perfect vaporizer for anyone using a portable vaporizer. Haze Technologies nailed it with a very fair price. Square uses convection heating, has haptic feedback vibration adjusting to the consumer performance settings allowing the Square to know what substance you are vaping. This is one of the most versatile vaporizers in the world as it will adjust to any botanical you put inside the triple chambers.

Author: Trevor