Guide To Owning A Pen Vaporizer

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Many people are looking to buy a vaporizer pen, unsure of how they work cause they get confusing. This article is to guide you on how to find a vaporizer pen that will cater to your very needs.


Pulsar 7 Herb Pen

In the market today of dry herb vape pens, there’s lots of different stories the manufacturers will tell you. The truth is, the majority of vape pens will greatly exceed the vaporization point and reach combustion levels very quick. This is why you might want to look around, read reviews and get the highest quality vape pens on the market.

The Pulsar 7 Vaporizer is an exception to what a high quality herbal vape pen is. It will not combust your herbs at all as you’ll have very high quality vapor. When we tested it, pure and flavorful vapor was produced, no combustion was present. The Pulsar 7 vapes at lower temperatures for herbs, right at the vaporization level of 367 Degrees Fahrenheit.


Vaporite Atomizers for the Budy Pen

This is what heats your herbs, an atomizer is the main reason to vaping your concentrates into vapor. The atomizer is called a heating element, there’s various atomizers available to purchase.

There are a couple styles for an atomizer, without wick and with wick. Wickless atomizers are the most durable of them all. They don’t burn and taste nasty when vaping. They don’t wear down very quick, you save more money with a wickless atomizer. Since the wick on most atomizers are made of fiberglass, you risk inhaling and burning fiberglass which is very harmful to you. If you’re going to roll with a wick atomizer, make sure it is a silica wick.

Among all the different atomizers you see, everyone goes with batteries. There are different threading in each atomizer. The different types of threading are 501, 510, 601, 710. Each thread has to match up with its counterpart which would be the battery. A 710 threading cannot go with a 510, they both have to be the same.

the Vaporite Stratus Atomizers are a quality brand and renowned to being the best performing atomizers in the world. With titanium technology, you really can’t go wrong with the quality and durability present in these pieces of art. You can roll with the 710 Atomizer kit which uses wickless atomizers as well as titanium build. These atomizers can withstand the strain from some very powerful mods like the MVP 2.0 mod. If you need the best types of batteries for power, go with the MVP.


710 Glow Vape Pen Batteries

The battery is the most important element in deciding which type of vaporizer you should buy. Please note the you’re going to want a battery well over 1,000 (mAH) which stands for Milliamps per hour. Something over 2,000 would last you all day but the average battery is around 1,000 mAH.

The eGo C-Twist is among one of the most popular batteries to buy. It is called the c-twist because it has a twisting knob at the bottom to where you can change how many volts are being served throughout the battery. The higher the Volts, the more the battery will drain. The amount of volts all depends what type of atomizer you use. Something with weight and power like the Kanger Pro Tank is going to take a bit of more volts than something small like the Atmos Optimus.

Simply put, low voltage means low vape temperature and high voltage means high temperature. You want to get a battery that can control the overall volts which ends up being measured in Temperature.

Batteries with USB passthrough simply means you can charge the battery and vape at the same time. This is becoming a very popular and in-demand feature amongst many vape users. The thing you must decide on is the amount of power used for vaping. If you want something strong and long go with an MVP which has over 2600mAH of power and will last on a single charge all day.

Personally, I find myself using the eGo c-twist most of the time. When you set the right volts, it’ll last at least 12 hours of frequent pulls throughout that time-frame.

You can buy the Pulsar 7 Here, for only $79 this vape pen will come delivered within 2 days of ordering it. It will fit what you’re looking for if you vaporize herbs.


Dr Dabber Vape Kit

A vaporizer to fit your needs for dabbing would be the Dr Dabber Ghost, one of the highest rated vape pens in the world winning multiple awards including the infamous cannabis cup award. It performs at top level with low heat levels to simmer your concentrates producing quality vapor without combusting your wax form into smoke. For only $74, the Dr Dabber Ghost can be yours. Titanium technology is very important and is the biggest feature the Dr. Dabber has.

There are many different types of dabbing vape pens and wax vapes online but finding the right one is the tricky part, you don’t want to get scammed into buying a really cheap, knock off version of what would of been a good pen vaporizer but ends up being made straight from China.


Pen vaporizer atomizer

A pen vaporizer is made of up a few things:

  • Atomizer
  • The Battery
  • Mouthpiece

The battery is the heaviest thing which is the long thing at the bottom. Most batteries light up with an indicator light. The size of the battery is the most important thing. The more mAH, the stronger the battery will power longer.

The atomizer is the thing that heats up the herbs, wax or concentrate. You want an atomizer with only quality. There’s many types of atomizers that are involved in a vaporizer and we find the best is the anodized heating and titanium metal atomizers. There are wick atomizers and wickless atomizers. The wickless atomizers actually have a wick in the holes, it just isn’t exposed so that makes it to where you can say it is wickless.

There are all different types of mouthpieces. Ones you can screw and unscrew, ones that you pop in and out, ones that you snap in and out and then there’s magnet mouthpieces that hold by newtons law of gravity, which is a magnet!


  1. You can buy a pen vaporizer that’s pre-built and comes with all the parts. This is usually the easiest way to go when you find a pre-built vaporizer kit which is already assembled, you just have to screw the stuff in. It is also the most expensive route to go if you’re into getting a pre-built vaporizer kit. It is best for beginners to buy one!
  2. You can buy the individual parts that are online, it is cheaper to go this route typically for more experienced users that really want to build a badass pen vaporizer just like you can build a bad-ass laptop or computer.

Vape pens are built to be used for on the go use. There are crappy vape pens like the Atmos Bullet 2 Go Plus and then there are good vape pens like the Atmos Jump. The Atmos Jump is great because of the anodized heating technology and the carbon fiber exterior frame making it a quality vape pen like everything we tell you about that we say doesn’t suck.

Author: Trevor