Finding A Dry Herb Vape Pen

Finding a new dry herb vaporizer sometimes may pose a challenge, especially since there’s so many different types of vaporizers out there that will benefit your habits. You may be looking for a dry herb vape pen which is exactly what you may need especially if you’re one that’s always on the go and always needing a discreet device that you can fit right in the palms of your hand without worrying about the different types of problems you may stumble upon but a good vaporizer and finding a specific one that will work well may take some time and helping yourself to do which is why we are here to get you the best vape pens to discover the vast technology that you can find in them without worrying about making a questionable decision.



It starts with the technology, what exactly is the technology you are looking for? The answer should certainly be with convection technology, you always want the atomizer to feature a full-on convection vaporization path. You will steer clear of any types that are conduction heating where you end up laying your herbs on top of a coil instead of above a heating element. When your herbs rest directly on a heating element, combustion will kick in quickly with or without experience and you will generally need to use a glass honeycomb screen to space the direct heating element from your botanical burning up and combusting which will result and pointless smoking and that’s what we are looking to avoid. The vapor path is also another important topic to point out, you want the vapor path to be glass so the heat can’t melt any plastics or have a metallic taste from the metal because these two types of vapor paths are downright disgusting in my opinion and if you want a complete and flavorful experience you need to make sure it is a glass-on-glass heating path. Air-ventilation holes are also very important since most dry herb vape pens don’t have precise heating, you solely rely on the air-flow pressure to pick up to draw in stronger hits and more heat, it is important to have little resistance when drawing, to much resistance will result in a weak pull and to little will result in not being able to pick up with the heating element. Most convection herbal pens have good technology although there’s some I don’t like, just look out for the things such as the vapor path, the outer shell build and the battery quality as well as heating precision. You don’t want a reckless heating temperature that’s unpredictable and you surely want a battery that will last.


Overall it is time to decide what type of herbal vape pen to buy. There’s many you can look into and buy. I’ve always been a big fan of the Atmos Boss, love the technology and the heating element works fine. When I want to use waxes, I put together the waxy atomizer and load my waxes up. I also like the Vaporite Cosmic Vape pen, it is beautiful and is more of an advanced version of the Atmos Orbit. V2 Pro Series 3 vape pen is a quality kit that can vaporize your favorite dry herbs.  The Cosmic has bluetooth technology to where you can measure your vaping methods, it can even detect how many pulls you have completed, how much battery you have left and the most optimal methods of using the Cosmic which may be a bit overboard but is a really cool feature Vaporite has put into the Cosmic. If you have a smart phone you’d want to pick the Cosmic up, the neat feature about the Cosmic is the fact it has a water-tool attachment to use in case you want to enhance your experience and it is included with the vaporizer kit as well.


Once you understand and read the quality traits you see in your dry herb vape pen you’re going to want to purchase one and by you doing this is committing and giving dry herb vaporizers a chance which is a very valuable thing you eventually need to learn to do. Vaporizers are a tool, an advanced piece of technology, if you give them a chance, they will do you wonders. Saving 8.5 grams per ounce and giving yourself 85% more potent hits as well as the filtration to 95% of toxic chemicals is only the beginning. Wait till you can taste what marijuana really tastes like for the first time if you never used a vaporizer, it is an amazing thing to experience and a powerful piece of technology.

Author: Trevor