Buying A Vape Pen For Beginners

Many people are looking for places they can call home. One thing to buy is a new home that is near the cannabis markets you will want to shop. Finding the best cannabis real estate consultants are one thing to help you find the best home to purchase when it comes down to buying the perfect cannabis go In the world of vaping today everyone is trying to get on board with the new developments of some of the best types of pen vaporizers as well as desktop and portable vapes. These vaporizers are specifically designed to give the user the ultimate vaping experience with incredible taste, flavor and potent vaporization. When you have to decide which vape you want to go with, there’s a big task on hand, many people don’t understand what they’re about to buy. It is really the customers job to research and figure out what exactly is going to work and what won’t work. There’s brilliant vaporizers like the Dr. Dabber Aura, and there’s shit vapes like the Atmos Bullet 2 Go Plus. When you can be smart enough to figure out what will work, you will end up with the ultimate vaporizer.

A pen vaporizer is one of the most sought out types of vaporizers to buy online. There’s many types of pen vapes you can buy, lots of crap ones though. We need to filter out the crap from the good, this is the article to teach you exactly how you will do this.

First Steps…

Looking at the battery, you don’t want to use some weak 400mAH battery that’ll last 30 minutes when vaping. You want to get something strong and powerful, a 1200mAH battery would do. Having variable voltage settings so you can control the power is a very important feature. A useful feature like a low battery indicator light would also come in handy for vaping if you do it often, you don’t want to guess when your battery will die.


Getting a high quality atomizer is probably the most important step. You can get a Titanium Grade 1 Quartz atomizer with triple titanium coil wrap which is featured in the Dr. Dabber aura I mention this type of pen vaporizer because it is one of my favorite types of vaporizers. Simple fact about it is the magnetic connection, no more twisting out the threading because the magnetic technology allows you to simply snap the vaporizer to the atomizer and the atomizer to the battery. This is my favorite feature, I can quickly switch atomizers. I also like the vertical titanium base coil that the Cloud Penz 3.0 comes with. It is very great with waxy substances that are rather thick.


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Getting a variable voltage battery is very important to find. One that you can adjust the settings like in the Dr. Dabber Aura. You can switch the variable voltage of 2.4 – 4.7 volts which is very powerful and the 8 atomizers it comes with adjusts with the different power. Using the dual quartz atomizer on high heat is pretty much dabbing and you’ll get very hard hits but when you use the solo based atomizer which is a circular atomizer you are intending on using low heating settings so your waxes/oils can simmer and you can enjoy the flavor and taste. Of course you’d set this to a low voltage so low heat is produced from the battery. You always want to get a battery that’s strong, around 800-1600mAH is reasonable for a pen vaporizer.



When you think about what you’re going to buy, always do your research. The two vaporizers, the Cloud Penz 3.0 and the Dr. Dabber Aura are going to be the ones you’re going to buy. These are the top rated vaporizers in the world and comes with everything you need to have an effective vaporization session. If you’re going to actually want to invest in these pens, you need to stop reading this and go buy one from

Author: Trevor